ARCHAEOLOGICAL MISSION: Western Wadis (Luxor), 2/12/2022

After two weeks of work on the field, our second study mission in the Western Wadis comes to an end!

Over the past few days, we have been studying the wooden objects found in Wadi 300, where part of the 18th Dynasty élite was buried:

Gersande continued her analysis of the types of wood used for the funerary equipment, Anna Giulia focused on identifying the various types of furniture and Lisa on studying the coffin fragments.

The Wadi 300 – Western Wadis, Thebes
Gersande is sampling and observing though the microscope the wood anatomy, to identifying the species of wood used.
Anna Giulia is cataloguing and studying the construction techniques of one black varnished box.
Lisa is studying the traces of decoration on some very deteriorated planks of a small coffin.