The mission to the Wadi Bairiya (Western Wadis Woods Project) is about to start

Another round, another race!In a few days we will join the mission of the New Kingdom Research Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the Ministry of Antiquities, to the Wadi Bairiya (Theban Western Wadis – Luxor) for the Medjehu’s WESTERN WADIS WOODS PROJECT.The project focuses on Theban woodcraft during the New Kingdom, comparing wooden objects from the Western Wadi necropolises with contemporary wood production elsewhere in Egypt. Of particular interest is the study of production specifically relating to the Royal Family of King Amenhotep III. Its aim is to shed light on how wood, its crafts and its economic networks played a central political economic and social role in Egyptian society during the New Kingdom and more particularly of the 18th Dynasty. To know more about the WW project and the archeological mission in the Wadi Bairiya


Stay tuned!