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Paolo Marini

Collaborator of Medjehu Project

Dr. Paolo Marini is Curator and Touring Exhibitions Coordinator at the Museo Egizio (Turin). He obtained his PhD from the University of  Pisa,  under the supervision of Prof. Marilina Betrò. For his doctoral thesis, entitled “Shabti boxes: functions and beliefs”, he examined shabti-boxes dating from the half of the 18th Dynasty to the end of the Late Period, analyzing their morphological development, decoration, iconography, and funerary inscriptions as well as their centers of production and social context. As result of this investigation, he was able to propose a new chronological and typological sequence for the shabti boxes.

His research interests include archaeology, material culture, funerary equipment and the Museo Egizio collection. He has published the results of his research in several academic journals and has presented at a number of international conferences. 

He is a member of three archaeological missions in Egypt: Dra Abu el-Naga (MIDAN – Missione Italiana a Dra Abu el-Naga) of University of Pisa; the Ramesseum (MAFTO – Mission Archéologique Française de Thèbes-Ouest); and Deir el-Medina (IFAO – Institut français d’archéologie orientale).

Within the framework of Medjehu Project, Paolo is studying wooden shabti-boxes, investigating their typological development, decoration and iconography, funerary inscriptions and related construction and carpentry techniques.