Our team

Lisa Sartini

Founding member of Medjehu Project
Egyptologist, Responsible of co[ins studies

Dr. Lisa Sartini obtained her Ph.D in Egyptology at the University of Pisa in 2021 under the supervision of Prof. M. Betrò.

Lisa specializes in the study of New Kingdom wooden coffins, in particular the so-called ‘black’ coffins with yellow decoration. For her Master’s and Doctoral theses, she undertook a comprehensive analysis of this type of coffin including investigation of the decoration (iconography and inscriptions), construction (carpentry methods, construction techniques and centres of production) and the social context of the coffin owners. As result of this research, she was able to propose new chronological and classification protocols for the study of black coffins.

She has published the results of her work in several academic journals and presented at a number of international conferences. She is currently collaborating with three archeological missions in Egypt: Deir el-Medina (I.F.A.O.), Dra Abu el-Naga (M.I.D.A.N. – University of Pisa) and Royal Necropolis of the Western Wadis (New Kingdom Research Foundation and University of Cambridge).

Within the framework of Medjehu Project, Lisa is mainly devoted to the study of the coffins. In addition to the cataloguing and documentation of the objects, which includes technical drawings, she is continuing her research by again examining all aspects of coffin decoration, construction and related social networks and enabling it to identify precisely the origin of these artefacts.