Our team - Trainees

Azza Mustafa

Trainee of Medjehu Project
Maritime archeologist

Azza Mustafa, a specialist in the fields of maritime archeology, holds a Bachelor of Arts  degree in Greek and Roman Archeology from Alexandria University. pursuing her master’s  degree in the study of shipwreck timber and dendrochronology, she continues to expand her  knowledge and expertise in the field. 

Some of her experience includes: 

Obtaining a Diploma in Marine Archeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage. Participating in training with the Medjehu to learn wood anatomy, techniques, and  methodologies. 

Attending training program in Africa on dendroecology, gaining expertise in this area. Receiving training in terrestrial and underwater photogrammetry. 

Participating in the Punta Prima project with Balear d’Estudis en Arqueologia Maritima  (IBEAM), working on the Early Roman Shipwreck site (2nd century BC) in Spain.