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Rogério Sousa

Collaborator of Medjehu Project

Rogério Sousa is Professor of Egyptology and Ancient History at the Faculty of Humanities of the
University of Lisbon.

He has been studying coffin decoration during the 21st Dynasty from an art
historical perspective, focusing into the principles of composition, symbolism and social significance
of coffins in Thebes. Currently he coordinates the Gate of the Priests Project aiming at the inventory
and integrated study and publication of the objects found in the Tomb of the Priests of Amun (Bab
el-Gasus) in Thebes.  Under this project he has coordinated an extensive documentation work in
collections from Bab el-Gasus dispersed all over the world and published a number of works in this
domain: The Tomb of the Priests of Amun. Burial Assemblages in the Egyptian Museum of Florence,
Gate of the Priests Series Volume 1 (Brill, 2018); Gleaming Coffins. Iconography and Symbolism in
Theban Coffin Decoration (21st Dynasty): Vol. I: The Sheltering Sky (Coimbra University Press,
2018); Gilded Flesh: Coffins and Afterlife in Ancient Egypt (Oxbow, 2019); Burial assemblages
from Bab el-Gasus in the Geographical Society of Lisbon (Brepols, 2017), among many others. He is
Co-Editor of the ‘Gate of the Priests Series’ published by Brill.